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                Review現場 | Nabanita Saha藝術展《綻放之美》成功開幕 Art Exhibition Opening

                頭條快遞 頭條快遞 2023-04-11 15:58


                On April 7th,under the guidance of the Xiaoshan District Cultural and Creative Industry Development Center, the "Bring Me Blossoms" Art Exhibition, co-hosted by DoBe Rainbow WE, the Sino Italian Design Exchange Center, and the Malaysia Impressions Arts Center , with the support of the District 4 of the Municipality of Florence, the Hangzhounan Railway Station New Town, the Shanghai Promotion Center for City of Design, the Shanghai International Culture Association, the Ugo Guidi Museum and the Xiaoshan District Qianjiang Century City Chamber of Commerce, was opened at the DoBe Rainbow WE 22nd-floor Aerial Art Exhibition Hall in Hangzhou South Station New Town. The exhibition will continue to be open until April 23rd.


                Xiang Zhangyan, Member of the Party Working Committee and Deputy Director of the Management Committee of Hangzhou South Railway Station Xincheng, delivered a speech

                佛羅倫薩第四區區長Mirko Dormentoni代表佛羅倫薩市政府遠程視頻連線祝賀藝術展開幕,并表示此次國際性的展覽活動,響應“一帶一路”發展戰略,促進了中歐文化交流等深層次的交流合作機遇,接下來雙方將在文化與經濟方面持續交流合作。

                Mirko Dormentoni, Mayor of District 4 of the Municipality of Florence, congratulated the opening of the art exhibition via video link on behalf of the Florence Municipal Government and stated that this international exhibition event responds to the development strategy of the "Belt and Road," promotes deep-level communication and cooperation opportunities in cultural exchange between China and Europe, and the two sides will continue to communicate and cooperate in culture and economy.


                Gao Jianping, Chairman of DoBe Group Zhejiang Branch, delivered a welcome speech


                Artist Nabanita delivering a speech



                Artist explaining paintings



                At the opening ceremony, leaders from the Xiaoshan District Cultural and Tourism Bureau, the Hangzhounan Railway Station New Town Management Committee, and the DoBe Group Zhejiang Province Company witnessed the unveiling of the art exhibition. The audience at the scene stated that this exhibition can involve more people in ecological protection and make our lives better. Art critic Carman said, "In the process of viewing the exhibition, I can feel that the works naturally express a strong exploration of humanistic care, giving people strength in the expression of colors."


                本次“綻放之美”藝術展由旅華藝術家Nabanita Saha創作的多副油畫作品組成,緊緊聚焦生態環保主題,作品緊密圍繞環保和生態主題,藝術家將美好的心愿凝聚在筆墨和油彩之間,用藝術的筆觸和聲音傳播城市美學的可持續發展的重要性,為杭州市獻上一場色彩斑斕的藝術盛宴。

                The "Bring Me Blossoms" Art Exhibition is composed of multiple oil paintings created by Nabanita Saha, an artist living in China. The works are tightly focused on the theme of ecological protection and revolve around this theme. The artist condenses her beautiful wishes between the brushstrokes and oil paints, using artistic touches and sounds to spread the importance of sustainable urban aesthetics for the sustainable development, and presents a colorful artistic feast for Hangzhou.

                | 展覽信息 |

                展覽日期:2023.04.07-04.23 周一至周日 10:00-18:00

                展覽地址:杭州市蕭山區贊成國潮商務中心3號樓德必彩虹WE 22層


                | Exhibition Information |

                Exhibition Date: 2023.04.07-04.23 Mon - Sun 10:00-18:00

                Exhibition Address: 22F, DoBe Rainbow WE, No.3, Zancheng Guochao Business Center, Xiaoshan District, Hangzhou

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